What My Clients and Students Have To Say . . .

      "We were delighted to hear our nineteen year old recant her experience of being enriched by the valuable insight you shared on preparation for securing and keeping an employment opportunity, and money/life management.
        Imani was inspired by witnessing your command of the room and the vast amount of valuable information she came away from the experience with. She expressed that you made the two day long workshops fun, yet she learned a phenomenal amount of information, not only on the topics slated to be covered in your workshops, but about herself in her journey to personal growth and transformation into becoming a responsible adult.  Thank You,"  ~ Asabi & Larry Station Jr. ~

     "I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You provided so many helpful tips.  In fact, I have spent some time today looking at business card ideas online, thanks to your suggestion.  I also have gone through my notes and have added your ideas to my to-do list for my job hunt." 
 ~ Cindy Novak, Workshop Participant ~

     "Your training program for managers, supervisors and residents have had a profoundly positive effect on both groups' attitudes in carrying out their daily activities and interactions with each other."  ~ James L. Jones, Chairman, Board of Commissioners / Housing Authority of the County of Cook ~

     "Tamela is a communications consultant who has a proven track record for inspiring clients to gain confidence and move in the right direction. Her workshops are unbelievably motivating! I have observed her in action with a diverse group of participants. Everyone connects with her.  
~ Sharon Thurman, Owner at Prairiegold Properties, Chicago ~

     "Tamela's skills specialize in assisting clients to develop communicating methods that strengthen their business, enrich and motivate employees, engage customers and empower their lives. Both Leroy Brown, Deputy Mayor/Trustee and I had the pleasure of hearing Tamela Noel speak and would greatly appreciate you taking some time to consider utilizing her talent as a Public Speaker for your business, agency or organization.  In addition we are asking if you would pass this information along to anyone that you think might be interested."  
~ Carol S. Penning, Bolingbrook Village Clerk ~

     "Tamela did a fantastic job of effectively communicating to our group the importance of networking and using available resources. She was warm,friendly, humorous, and truly conveyed genuine interest in our future endeavors. In terms of meeting my expectations, I can say she absolutely exceeded them. I highly recommend Tamela for other career / motivational addresses which are intended to challenge yet inspire a group."  

~ Pam Hinds, Follett School Solutions, Naperville, IL ~ 

     "Thanks for taking time to help our group be the best they can be throughout the job search experience  at Community Career Center. Thanks for your valuable insight on my specific ideas presented. You have allowed me another reason for constantly raising the bar in the branding of "Fred". 

~ Fred Reichelt, Workshop Participant, Naperville, IL ~

     "Tamela brings a professional attitude and a down to earth approach into the workshop planning process.  Her clients/students seem to have an energy and enthusiasm after attending her workshops, which are specifically customized for each target audience. If you are in need of a trainer, facilitator or motivational speaker, then Tamela would be an ideal fit.      
~ Christopher Ralston, Program Manager at HCSC -Blue Cross Blue Shield IL ~